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JSC « Mehpromstroy plant» »»
JSC «Plant Mehpromstroy» is the largest manufacturer of automatic hydraulically operated lifts in the south of Russia.
[clicks: 3139]
Belle Group UK »»
Belle Group designs and manufactures a full range of reliable light construction equipment for companies specializing in construction, road repair and rental of construction equipment.
[clicks: 3605]
OAO "Motovilichinskie Zavody" »»
OAO "Motovilichinskie Zavody" is one of the leading companies in Russia to develope and manufacture of equipment for road and construction industries.
[clicks: 3774]
Tver mashzavod "GIDROMOLOT" »»
The production, sale, a guarantee: Gidromoloty NM-140, NM-230M, 330M-NM, NM-350, NM-440M for excavators 2,5 - 32 tons Hydraulic. Camshells. Replacement tool. Repair.
[clicks: 2645]
Joint Stock Company "ATEK" »»
Joint Stock Company "ATEK" is one of the leading machine-building enterprises of Ukraine. He specialises in the production of various types of hydraulic excavators (excavators and crawler tyre on the fly, excavators on the basis of car chassis KRAZ, excavators-loaders on their own chassis).
[clicks: 2199]
Northerntrack has over 15 years direct experience in the manufacture and supply of construction, demolition & recycling attachments.
[clicks: 4011]
Mogilevskii automobile plant named after S.M. Kiro »»
Plant of S.M. Kirova is one of the leading enterprises in CIS countries specialising in sales of technics for roads, dams production; run-of bank and underground works; building of tunnels and bridges.
[clicks: 2323]
Company Chelprom »»
Sales of road-building machinery and spare parts produced in Russia.
[clicks: 2411]
Chelyabinski municipals plant »»
Delivery and production of municipal machinery.
[clicks: 1650]
Kostromski excavator plant »»
Sales, service, repair of caterpillars, excavators EO-5116-1, boring machines BM-2501, loaders ZTM-213.
[clicks: 1868]
Komatsu Europe International N.V. »»
Official site of company ''Komatsu Europe International N.V''. Road-building technics.
[clicks: 1443]
Company Tverskoi excavator »»
Sales of excavators, forklift machinery (1,6 t; 3 t; 5 t).
[clicks: 2856]
Company Becema »»
"Becema" is one of the leading producers of special, road-building and construction machinery, equipment for cement industry.
[clicks: 2347]
SIA Olivant »»
Sales of construction, special, agrimachinery.
[clicks: 2974]
Company Svyatovit »»
"Svyatovit" is leading producer of excavators. Domestic analogues of excavators UDS-114 and UDS-214 from Slovakia.
[clicks: 1981]

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