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Trakservis »»
Official representative of German factory Fliegl (Tents, container, vehicles, trucks) in Russia. Official dealer Tonara, Betsema, Tverstroymash and other plants in Russia. Special equipment, construction machinery. Leasing.
[clicks: 2671]
Ltd. "Kemerovo metal industry company »»
OOO «KMPK» sold from a warehouse in Kemerovo small municipal construction equipment, supplies special and utility technics. Rent. Leasing.
[clicks: 1325]
Leasing-Invest »»
Leasing-Invest is active in the following areas: car leasing, leasing of construction machinery, equipment leasing, leasing motortechnique.
[clicks: 813]
It offers autovehichles, road construction, trailers, semi-trailers and utility equipment on the chassis MZKT, MAZ, Ural, KamAZ, KrAZ, as well as heavy machinery for special purposes. Deliver equipment for Russia and foreign countries. Customs Service. Leasing.
[clicks: 100]
Avtotranslizing »»
The official dealer of JSC "KAMAZ", "NefAZ. Vehicles, parts, service center in Yekaterinburg. Leasing and upgrading.
[clicks: 1523]
Polymer Ltd. »»
The company «Polymer Ltd» is a multi-enterprise, we offer: equipment from the U.S. and Europe as the optimal price, quality, finance, credit, leasing, information about how to download, work on the carriage of goods.
[clicks: 1719]
Leasing Consult »»
Leasing vehicles, special machinery, trucks and equipment. New and used.
[clicks: 783] »»
Trucks, Tractors, trailers, vans, and building and special machinery from Europe. Chance of a loan or lease.
[clicks: 2631]
Finacial Leasing Company »»
Leasing of building, road technics and special machinery.
[clicks: 724]
Universal Leasing Holding »»
Company gives an access to financing for purchase of commercial machinery and equipment in Russia.
[clicks: 854]
Company PL-Leasing »»
Company specialise in leasing of transport.
[clicks: 667]
Leasing Company Obiedinennue strategii »»
Leasing service (cars, road-building machinery and equipment).
[clicks: 632]
Kuehn & Partner GmbH »»
Company specialise in leasing of new and used cars, trucks, buses, construction machinery, equipment.
[clicks: 650]
Company specialise in leasing service connected with purchase of autotechnics special machinery.
[clicks: 809]
Truck leasing.
[clicks: 1073]

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