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"CARGO TEHNOLOGY" company »»
"CARGO TEHNOLOGY" company successfully solves the problem of cargo delivery, and issues relating to the organization and maintenance of cargo on the route, providing a high level of customer service. Our customers - large industrial unions, small wholesale and retail organizations, exporters, importers, non-residents of Ukraine, state-owned enterprises (more than three hundred enterprises in Ukraine).
[clicks: 4857]
TEMPRA international logistics »»
TEMPRA international logistics company providing a full range of services for the delivery of goods by road and provides light-duty transportation, package, assembly, bulky, heavy and dangerous goods.
[clicks: 2521]
Eventus »»
Full range of services for international and domestic transport of goods, as well as cargoes: - Consolidating small shipments in a warehouse in Odessa. - Organizes storage services: storage of goods, its loading and unloading, repackaging, labeling. - Arrange customs clearance. - Engaged in delivery of cargo by any mode of transport - Wholesale trade of agricultural products, sale / purchase of grain, sale of mineral fertilizers.
[clicks: 1606]
Transport Company "UralTrans" »»
Presenting of a full range of transportation and logistics services for international transport of goods. The main activities: international freight across Європе, freight forwarding services.
[clicks: 1503]
Eximp - transport freight forwarding company »»
Implementation of transport and freight forwarding services: international trucking industry across Europe and the former CIS countries, trucking industry in Ukraine, auto-,transit by rail freightage, container traffic. We perform consulting in the field of internal economic activity, transport and logistics.
[clicks: 901]
Company Alfatrans »»
Company "Alfatrans" is member of assotiation of international expeditors - "Ukrvneshtrans", member of international assotiation FIATA. Specialise in transportation service.
[clicks: 1101]
General Freight Cargo »»
Transportation service.
[clicks: 1050]
Transportation service.
[clicks: 748]
Transportation service.
[clicks: 863]
Tetra Trading »»
Company has been specialising in transportation service since 1995.
[clicks: 933]
Company OVERTIME »»
Company offers freight forwarding service.
[clicks: 850]
Company Edikt »»
Company has been specialising in transportation service since 1996.
[clicks: 817]
Company TOLK »»
Transportation service (Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries, Europe).
[clicks: 987]
Company Terra-Trans »»
Transportation service (Europe, CIS countries, Baltia).
[clicks: 1177]
Company Patrasenko A. V. »»
Transportation service.
[clicks: 985]

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